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Often delivered through spam email attachments or hacked remote desktop protocol (RDP), Phobos cripples organizations by encrypting their files and locking-out devices. A pop-up message will demand a ransom in the form of buying a decryption tool/key. Don’t try to remove the ransomware yourself; it may cause more damage. Nor should you pay the ransom; the hackers will not restore your data as promised. Just contact us and we’ll make Phobos recovery simple and painless.

Businesses trust us to remove their ransomware because we provide:

How do you know if you have Phobos?

Your systems are likely infected with Phobos if your:

Different IDs represent unique infections, so please inform us if you have multiple IDs when submitting your ticket.

Phobos Extensions

New variants of Phobos are created regularly, but some of the newest and most common are:
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