Cryptolocker Recovery

Even the most sophisticated hackers won’t be able to extort your business

Think you can remove it yourself? Think paying the ransom will restore your files? Think again!

If your systems are infected with Cryptolocker ransomware, you need help from the experts. Cryptolocker can infiltrate your networks through emails, downloads, and file sharing sites, and uses a RSA 2048-bit key to encrypt the files and rename them with random extensions. 99% of attacks are irreversible alone, meaning that, despite the promises in the ransom note, you won’t get your data back by giving in to the hackers’ ultimatums, nor will you be able to remove the infection yourself

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How do you know if you have Cryptolocker?

Your systems are likely infected with Cryptolocker if your:

Cryptolocker Extensions

New variants are released regularly, but some of the most common are:
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